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May 20 2017
  • By Sian DG
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Reading Roald Dahl: Discover one of PFL’s favourite authors!

One hundred years on from his birth, Roald Dahl remains a firm favourite amongst Passion for Language’s students and tutors. Why not read Dahl’s ‘whoppsy-whiffling’ words and ‘swash-boggling’ stories yourself?

Reading Roald Dahl
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Born in Llandaff, Wales in 1916, Dahl proved himself as a fighter pilot during World War 2.  Whilst recovering from a terrifying near-death crash, he turned his hand to writing and became one of the most celebrated children’s authors of all time. His stories not only recount his personal experiences, from getting up to mischief at school to fighting in the military overseas, but envisage exciting new worlds that are sure to captivate your children’s imaginations. Passion for Language loves to share Dahl’s tantalizing tales with our young readers, and we hope you will too.

Introducing the stories:

From an enchanting chocolate factory with a chocolate lake, to a giant peach that’s home to a boy and his bug friends: explore Dahl’s magical lands with your 7 to 10 year olds…

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: What will happen when a group of five lucky golden ticket winners are allowed to enter the gates of Willy Wonka’s famous chocolate factory?

Fantastic Mr. Fox: How will the cunning Mr Fox and his family outwit the viscous farmers Bunce, Boggis and Bean?

The Twits: Are you ready to meet the most disgusting, gruesome and horrible couple ever and their crazy pet muggle-wumps?

The Witches: The Grand High Witch wants to get rid of all the children in England! Can you bear to read this terrifying tale?

Matilda: Can this child-genius defeat her cruel headmistress, The Trunchbull and still get to read her beloved books?

The Magic Finger: Will a kind girl be able to save her innocent animal friends from her violent neighbours using her very special talent?

James and the Giant Peach: What will happen when James Henry Trotter grows a peach that is large enough to live in?


Editor’s Pick: The BFG

Not all giants are scary and not all giants eat human beans. In fact, the Big Friendly Giant becomes a friend of little Sophie quicker than you can say ‘delumptious fizzy frobscottle’!

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In this heartwarming tale of friendship and bravery, Roald Dahl portrays one of his most memorable characters. With his big ears and even bigger heart, BFG is a fun focus point; his many special qualities can stimulate a multitude of comprehension questions to get budding book-lovers thinking. The contrasting settings of the imaginative giant country and realistic Queen’s palace in England perfectly demonstrates descriptive literary techniques while promoting readers’ cultural awareness. And that’s not all: this story is especially unique thanks to Dahl’s very own language called ‘gobblefunk’. Encountering decipherable but unfamiliar words will encourage children to apply their linguistic knowledge when learning new vocabulary. Words such as ‘squibbling’, ‘ucky-mucky’ and ‘whoopsy-splunkers’ are fun to pronounce for you and your children. Furthermore, they lend themselves to further activities creating words of your own. Once your little ‘chidlers’ have explored the literary landscape of giant country, why not enjoy the recently released Disney film and see how director Steven Spielberg brings BFG to life on the big screen?

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Ready for more Roald?

  • Older readers (11yr+) will love Dahl’s daring tales of his own life in Boy, Tales of Childhood and Going Solo. Learn more about the author himself and what life was like growing up in 1920s Britain.
  • Explore more Dahl: Visit for  activities, reading guides and details of events to complement your children’s learning.
  • Get in touch with Passion for Language. We love nothing more than sharing a super story with young readers during constructive, personalised tutorials. Our tutors are qualified gobble-de-funkers that can help young readers make good sense of what they’re reading and progress in their writing. For more information, visit our services page.