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PFL have been tutoring our boys for three years so far. As a guardian, I am pleased to have witnessed their continual improvement in phonics, writing and listening. We were always impressed by the modern picture books that they brought in for the...

Passion for Language has inspired my son to enjoy Chemistry  and has given him a clearer fundamental understanding of the subject. We are very pleased with his progress thanks to the tuition from Passion for...

My tutor really helped to build my confidence in handling numbers and I am able to see real progress in my mathematical strategies. She is also very patient which helps me to...


We often expect that sending our children to the top private schools will assure that our children achieve their best results possible, but in hindsight, this is often not the case.

Academic excellence is achieved through taking into consideration all aspects of our modern lifestyle, personal life and mental wellbeing. For this reason, we offer pastoral support through mentoring programmes that complement academic tuition by taking a holistic approach to education. Experienced mentors get to understand who their mentees are, meeting with them regularly over a series of weeks to develop confidence and security that will help them flourish. They can advise families on the specific modern day challenges of balancing school life, homework, extra-curricular activities and relationships. Mentoring can be especially worthwhile when students are facing big changes such as moving country or school, have a particular goal to reach, or could benefit from a trusted role-model.

We can offer long-term academic all-inclusive support, which fits into your schedule and travel plans, for families who want to get the very best out of their education. We would recommend this service particularly for families who are relocating, when students have highly demanding exams, those who are travelling regularly and for struggling students or students who lack confidence.

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Success is down to not just scholarly life, but also