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Aug 5 2016
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Dr Lee

Lead Consultant of Sciences

With over a decade of teaching experience, highly graded degrees from Oxford & Hong Kong University, and a professional academic career making a difference in the field of Cancer research, Dr Lee is a valuable member of our consultancy team.  

Dr. Lee’s Oxford tutorial style of teaches raises her students aspirations towards renowned institutions while developing an independent and inquisitive approach to learning. Such qualities have secured Dr. Lee’s students with prestigious scholarships to courses including Medicine at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Dr. Lee specialises in stretching high flyers to achieve success using her experience delivering programmes for gifted learners at schools including Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. Her tutees excel across iGCSE, IB, A Level and HKDSE exams.

Alongside academic success, Dr. Lee’s students typically take away a passion for the Sciences that motivates them to progress in their career. Dr. Lee’s own enthusiasm for what is an important and exciting sector brings positivity and potential to her mentees.